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For people with disabilities, the transition from school to adult life can be a little scary! Navigating the complex landscape of post-school programs and support services can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many post-school pathways available to help people with disabilities achieve their goals, carve out meaningful careers, and lead fulfilling lives.

HELP provides a range of services that support individuals with disabilities and health conditions to find employment after school, including:

These services are tailored for people with:

  • disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome
  • injuries
  • mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

They provide the opportunity to gain real-world skills and experience. Ultimately, helping people to gain financial independence and become part of our community.

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

SLES helps young people with disabilities to transition from school to employment, or further education. With SLES you can explore your potential and find out what job works for you. Your HELP coach will work with you to develop job-ready skills such as:

  • communication
  • teamwork
  • problem solving.

You’ll also tackle important tasks like:

  • resume and cover letter writing
  • applying for jobs
  • work experience
  • interview practice.

Dylan’s career in the automotive industry has only just begun thanks to the support of HELP’s SLES program.

Supported Employment (SEM)

SEM provides a tailored employment environment for people with a disability who need extra on the job support. With the support of HELP’s team of Production Support Officers supported employees can:

  • work in an integrated work environment (mix of people with disability and people without disability)
  • develop new skills (for work and life)
  • build confidence and self-esteem, and become more independent
  • earn their own money
  • explore new industries and areas of interest
  • get help to enter the job market (DES or open employment).

For Mitch, the benefits of having a job reach far beyond the workplace. Supported Employment has given Mitch a place where he can come and see his friends, keep busy, and feel accomplished.

Disability Employment Services (DES)

DES gives people with disability, illnesses, injuries, or health conditions the support they need to prepare for, find, and keep a job. Your Employment Coach will help you prepare for work and find a job that suits your needs. Together you will:

  • create new resumes and cover letters
  • get ready for interviews
  • apply for jobs.

Your coach will also seek out inclusive employers who can provide a suitable work environment where you can thrive.

With a little HELP, Burpengary Community Club was able to find the perfect candidate for the job – Gideon!

Finding a job after school is easy if you have the right support

When Indika first came to HELP he had been out of work for a year and was having a hard time finding a job that suited his needs.

After school, he had tried several different jobs like working in a laundry, airport parking, and car detailing but hadn’t quite found his niche.

Indika was super proactive in his job search and came to HELP for some extra support to find a role he could really sink his teeth into. SLES Coach Tilly and Indika spent their first meeting going through his goals, strengths, and a list of potential roles, including working as a supported employee in HELP’s Supply Chain team.

Indika was keen to learn more about this opportunity so Tilly organised a site tour and the rest as they say….is history!

“After the factory tour, Indika was positive that he wanted to work in the Supply Chain team, so we arranged work experience with a view to transitioning into a supported employment role after a few weeks, ” said Tilly.

” To begin with I worked alongside Indy to help demonstrate new tasks and navigate different work scenarios, but he was so quick to adapt, towards the end of the work experience, I mostly observed from the background and only stepped in when only absolutely necessary – which was rare as Indy had integrated into the team so well.”

Indika has now been working in HELP’s Supply Chain Services team since February this year and is happy to have finally found a place he can call home.

“I’ve found Supported Employment is more suited to my needs. I get more on-the-job support and any issues that pop up are resolved quickly. The Support team helps me to communicate and it makes things less stressful.”

“The difference between [working at HELP], and my previous jobs is that it’s more accommodating. It works around my disability and doesn’t let my disability stop me from doing anything.”

Indika says his favourite part of the job so far is the “whole environment”.

“Everyone is friendly and supportive, they help you at the drop of a hat, and people go out of their way to make you feel comfortable wherever you are,” he said.

“When I come to work, I don’t feel stressed or anxious. I don’t have a fear of doing the wrong thing, making a mistake, or being put down or bullied.”

In the future Indika hopes to continue learning new skills at work. He is already making plans to get his forklift license, and would like to explore a career as a truck driver. Coach Tilly also has high hopes for Indy as he pursues his new career path.

“I am so happy to see how well Indy is settling into this role. Indy has so many skills despite his barriers. What I admire most is, Indy has never let his barriers define him. Indy is very proactive and will give his 110% to anything he does. Sometimes Indy needs some guidance to build up a routine, but he is a good student and is always ready to give things a go. Indy is a great asset to any business – I wish him all the very best for his future,” she said.

How do I know which service is right for me?

If you’ve graduated high school and are looking for work, we can help you find a job you love! HELP’s post-school pathways and disability care services are custom-built to help you achieve your goals. And they cater for a range of different disabilities and health conditions.

Chat with our friendly team on 1800 877 545 to learn more and find out which HELP service is right for you.

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