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Dylan has spent the last 2 years working towards his goal of employment with the support of his School Leaver Employment Supports Coach Kayleigh.

“When Dylan joined HELP his main goal was to find a role where he could fulfil his passion for cars, and eventually transition into open employment,” said Kayleigh.

To steer Dylan on the right path Kaleigh created a plan of attack starting with his resume and cover letter, before moving on to develop his interview skills.

“Dylan knows what he likes and would not settle for anything less. We worked on his resume and cover letter together (and updated it many times), and practiced interview questions, so much so that he’s probably more of an expert than me now!” said Kayleigh.

Dylan also participated in a variety of job trials and work experience opportunities so that he could get a feel for different industries and job types, including some time with HELP’s Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Property Maintenance teams. These opportunities not only helped Dylan build valuable pre-employment skills, but also prepared him for the next stage of his journey, registering with a Disability Employment Service provider. Kayleigh assisted Dylan with his registration and worked collaboratively with the provider to secure Dylan a trial at Hackett’s Discount Tyres.

The team there was so impressed with Dylan’s tyre fitting skills, customer service capabilities, and work ethic that they offered him a job without hesitation.

Dylan now works an average of 18hrs a week and loves his job so much that he’s been working overtime on Saturdays. He spends his shifts cleaning the garage and organising stock but prefers it when they’re busy so he can spend all day changing tyres. Dylan says it’s the best job he’s ever had because he feels empowered and “confident to be 100% himself”.

Coach Kayleigh said Dylan’s growth over the past year has blown her away. “Seeing Dylan achieve his goals despite fear of change is inspiring. He shines so bright and has gotten a lot more comfortable talking to new people. He has learnt many life lessons and continues to grow and mature. He now looks at savings as a goal and is able to look into the future when making decisions”.

Now that Dylan has reached his goal of employment he is working towards his next dream- becoming a mechanic and purchasing a Ford Raptor!

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