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Mitch first came to HELP as part of a work experience program in his last year of high school. Working one day a week Mitch was able to get a taste of all the different jobs available at HELP’s Eagle Farm site, including production and supply chain roles. Mitch is now a full-time member of our third party logistics team, doing tasks like packing, processing, and labelling- and loving every minute of it!

For Mitch, the benefits of having a job reach far beyond the workplace.

Work has given Mitch a place where he can come and see his friends, keep busy, and feel accomplished. He said, ” I’m proud that I’m earning money so I can be more independent, pay my bills, get groceries and other things I want and need.”

As a supported employee, Mitch also has the support of the HELP team to get him through any challenges on the job.

“There are times when I’ve been having a tough day and I just needed someone to talk to. If I couldn’t talk to my work friends I’d talk to Paola or another support worker. It’s always good to have that person to talk to.”

With the support of the team behind him, Mitch has come a long way since he first joined HELP. He said, “The biggest difference between Mitchell then and Mitchell now is that I feel more confident and my self-esteem is a lot higher. I’ve made heaps of friends, and I’ve just learnt so much. It’s hard to get my head around how much I’ve learnt.”

Having experienced the benefits of working firsthand Mitch encourages other people with disability to consider supported employment as a pathway after school.

“If you’re feeling anxious or not sure about whether you should take that leap to start work, just go for it- you won’t regret it. It’ll be hard at first, and it might be a bit bumpy, but it’s a good stepping stone for the future. You might like it, or love it, and stay here for years, or use it as somewhere to get your experience and confidence.”

Mitch is excited to gain more experience and training in his current role, and take the skills he’s learnt into the future.

“I love coming somewhere where I’ll laugh, I’ll smile, I’ll come out of that day with something to remember and know that I got heaps of work done at the same time. Each day is different. There might be some bad days but I know the next day I’ll come out of that and I know that I’ll be around good people.”

Watch our throwback moment with Mitch to learn more about his journey as a supported employee at HELP.

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