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Welcome to Goodwill Brew!

Who we are

We’re a social enterprise on a mission to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone. For us, that starts with one coffee at a time. Goodwill Brew is just one of the many businesses owned and operated by HELP – a Queensland based social enterprise creating brighter futures for people with disability for over 50 years.

What we do

We help people with disability learn new skills, make important social connections and build independence. (We make a pretty good coffee too!)

How do I connect with Goodwill Brew?

You can follow our journey on Instagram @goodwillbrew

Where is Goodwill Brew?

Goodwill Brew is located on the Goodwill Bridge in Brisbane (on the QUT end of the bridge).

What are Goodwill Brew’s trading hours?

Please refer to our Instagram or Google Business listing for our current trading hours.

What beans do you use?/What roaster to you use?

Goodwill Brew uses Merlo beans.

When does Goodwill Brew officially open?

Goodwill Brew will be open from 28 March 2022, however, our official launch day is 19 April 2022. During our first 3 weeks of trade, we will be working with our supported team members to provide additional training and ensure they feel confident and happy on the job. As this is a new experience for many of our team members with disability we ask for your patience during this time, and invite you to stop by, have a chat and grab a coffee.

What is a social enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a business or organisation that reinvests or donates their profits to create positive social change. In our case, that means:

  • Providing employment opportunities and skill development for people with disability
  • Promoting the benefits of an integrated workforce.

What does HELP do?

HELP is a Social Enterprise, committed to enhancing the lifestyle, independence, and ambitions of people with disability. Since our inception in 1968 HELP has grown from a single workshop to a network of over 60 sites stretching right across South East Queensland and beyond. HELP is now one of the state’s leading providers of disability care and employment services. Our mission is to support and empower people with disability so that they can live their best life, unrestricted and encouraged to achieve anything they set their mind to.

How is Goodwill Brew connected to HELP?

Goodwill Brew is just one of the many businesses owned and operated by HELP. For over 50 years HELP has been developing Social Enterprise businesses across the manufacturing, hospitality, and horticultural industries to provide more inclusive employment opportunities for people with disability in SEQ.

You can read more about our other Social Enterprise businesses below:

How does Goodwill Brew help people with disability?

Goodwill Brew gives people with disability a safe and supported environment where they can develop new skills, make important social connections, and work towards their NDIS goals.

How is Goodwill Brew staffed?

There are 2-3 staff working at the coffee cart at any one time – a Barista/s who provides on the job support, and a supported employee. On weekends, there may be an overlap of staff due to longer trading hours. While we aim to have a supported employee working at all times, *modified start times and/or support requirements may occasionally prevent this. Consequently, there may be times when the cart is staffed by a Barista only.

  • Supported employees will have on the job support at all times. This ensures a safe and supportive work environment where our team members with disability can connect, learn and grow.
  • Our Barista and any supported employees who will be making coffee have/will undergo training with our roasters at Merlo.
  • Supported employees will discuss their goals with the support team before commencing work at the cart to ensure the tasks they are doing align with their goals. To assist with this, we have also developed internal individual achievements (e.g. money handling, customer service – greeting customers, coffee making milestones), as well as recording the number of hours work experience/work completed.

*Supported employees may have modified start times and shift durations due to transport and support requirements.

Do your Supported Employees receive a wage/salary?

Our supported employees and Baristas are all paid under the relevant awards.

Supported employee wages are often supplemented by the Disability Support Pension (DSP). Supported employees usually continue to receive DSP even if they are working in supported employment. Our ambition is to help our supported team members build skills to transition into open employment over time.

Supported Employment can help you:

  • Learn new skills (for work and life)
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Become more independent
  • Earn your own money
  • Explore new industries and areas of interest
  • Meet new people and make lifelong friends
  • Upskill for Open Employment

What skills can people with disability learn working at Goodwill Brew?

Goodwill Brew is a place where people with disability can develop skills for work and life. Team members can learn everything from money handling, customer service and making coffee, to appropriate workplace behaviour, communication, and time management.

The individual requirements of each team member are determined with the help of our support team so we can ensure everyone has the right tools to develop their skills and reach their goals.

Where do your profits go?

All profits from Goodwill Brew are reinvested into the continued development of our Disability Care and Employment Services. This includes additional staffing, expansion into new industries and sites, development of new programs and training opportunities.

How can I work at Goodwill Brew?

Want to join the Brew Crew? Simply contact our friendly team on 1800 437 345 to find out more.

To work at Goodwill Brew you must either:

Our team can guide you through this process to work out which pathway best suits your support needs and your goals.

Why did you decide on this location? (Weren’t there other locations you could use?)

Following a submission to an open tender by the Queensland Government Accommodation Office inviting offers from Social Enterprises “to enter into a trustee lease for a unique retail kiosk on the Goodwill Bridge”, Help Enterprises was notified in late 2021 that we were the preferred tenderer.

We were very humbled by this decision and are excited to get things underway. Our lease for the site has just been signed by both parties and we can now plan towards an opening date in March/April of 2022.

We understand that the owner of the previous Café on the Goodwill Bridge is disappointed with the outcome of the tender. We do empathise with him and wish him the best for the future.

Why did you apply for this tender?

HELP has a long history of helping people with disability and other barriers to enhance their lifestyle and independence. This is simply another excellent opportunity for us to use our experience as a Social Enterprise organisation to help people with disability and other barriers develop their skills in the hospitality industry.

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