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In a world bustling with podcasts, A Few Good Men carves a distinct niche. Supported by Help Enterprises, this podcast endeavours to bring forth the often-unheard stories from males who are raising and caring for children with disability.

How HELP became involved with the podcast

Podcast founder and host, Murray Jones, approached HELP to see if we’d be interested in sponsoring the podcast. Murray’s son Fred has been attending a HELP Hub for over seven years, so approaching HELP as a sponsor made sense.

“Once I landed on the idea, and we’d recorded a couple of pilot episodes, I realised I’d need some financial input and a strategic partner to take it to the next level. HELP has been part of our lives for around seven or eight years, so I thought they might be keen to be involved in some way,” said Murray.

After hearing more about the concept, HELP CEO Denver Fresser realised that A Few Good Men aligns perfectly with HELP’s vision to create a world where people with disabilities can live fulfilling, independent lives.

“By supporting this podcast, we’re enabling a platform to magnify voices and stories that have the power to inspire change and let other men who are raising children with disability know that they’re not alone,” said Denver.

The mission of the A Few Good Men podcast

A Few Good Men is more than just a listening experience. It seeks to cast a light on real-life stories, tales that resonate with hope, challenges, achievements, and the rawness of human emotions. The podcast strives to guide listeners to the services, support, and inner strength required to help their loved ones unlock their fullest potential.

Every episode, every story promises to evoke a plethora of feelings – from inspiration and insights to joy and tears.

Diving into the highs and lows of raising children with disability

The first season of A Few Good Men promises a deep dive into life’s stages and challenges when living with or caring for someone with a disability. Listeners are guaranteed a comprehensive understanding and empathetic viewpoint, as Murray and his guests delve into a range of topics, including:

  • life-altering moments post-diagnosis
  • the search for community support, childcare services, and inclusive education
  • transitioning from school to work
  • sports and extracurricular activities
  • the quest for realising potential
  • bouncing back with resilience
  • the journey to independence
  • adult disability care services
  • the impact on carer health and wellbeing
  • the ripple effects on family dynamics and relationships
  • stepping out from societal biases and perceptions.

Meet Murray Jones: The host and visionary

Pictured: Left – Murray; Right – David

The brainchild behind A Few Good Men is Murray Jones. With his son, Fred, attending one of HELP’s hubs for years, Murray is more than just a host. He embodies the spirit, the challenges, and the hope that millions of caregivers and loved ones experience daily.

The idea of A Few Good Men had been floating around in Murray’s head for around 20 years. Initially, it was going to be a platform for men to talk about life. Murray describes it as being “Kind of an emotional ‘Men’s Shed’”.

When he was well into his journey as a father raising a child with a disability, and reflecting on his experiences, he realised that A Few Good Men could become a reality – but now, focused on other men who were caring for or raising children with disabilities.

Who are the few good men?

The podcast’s inception on 4 September featured an enlightening conversation with Ian Hyman OAM, father to Alistair, born with Down’s Syndrome. Ian’s story is a testament to unwavering love, advocacy, and resilience.

Other guests in the first season include:

  • Buddha Barnes and the challenges of a blended family, each child with their unique disabilities.
  • Chris Rigg’s exploration of parenting a child with intricate disabilities.
  • Scott Chapman, who became the primary caregiver for his nephew and realised the acute lack of digital resources for Australians with disabilities.
  • Bill Savage’s moving journey with his son, James, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

A Few Good Men and the spirit of National Carer’s Week

From 15 to 21 October, Australia honours the tireless dedication of 2.65 million Australians during National Carer’s Week. A Few Good Men resonates deeply with the spirit of National Carer’s Week. Through shared stories and experiences, the podcast mirrors the essence of the week by highlighting the dedication, love, and resilience of countless individuals supporting their loved ones. Both the week and the podcast serve as a testament to the importance of supporting and advocating for these unsung heroes.

We encourage you to subscribe to A Few Good Men wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts and share it with any good men you know who could benefit from the insights revealed.

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