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Exploring the unexpected journeys of men raising children with a disability

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Disclaimer: The discussions held in the podcast sponsored by Help reflect the personal views of the host and guests. We believe these conversations are important, especially for men who may not typically lean on their friendship networks to share their experiences. We support open dialogue and diverse perspectives and the content and opinions expressed in the podcast are solely those of the individuals involved.


Episode 1: Ian Hyman OAM & Alistair
Navigating Down’s Syndrome isn’t just about the diagnosis; it’s about breaking barriers. Ian Hyman OAM shares his transformative tale of love, resilience, and advocating for change.

Episode 2: Buddha Barnes
Motorbikes, dyslexia, and a family of seven all with unique challenges —Buddha Barnes juggles it all. Known from the documentary “Because We Have Each Other,” this episode delves into Buddha’s remarkable journey

Episode 3: Chris Riggs
Chris Rigg reflects on the emotional weight of caregiving, its profound impact on identity, and the journey to find oneself amidst life’s toughest challenges.

Episode 4: Scott Chapman
Inspired by his nephew Dan’s health challenges, Scott Chapman founded ‘Able Digital Wellness’ to provide specialized and tailored wellness content for individuals with disabilities. In this episode, Scott and Murray discuss the dire need for such platforms and the journey towards genuine inclusive health.

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