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A Program of Support is an agreement between a participant and a provider (like HELP). This agreement shows the supports that will be received by a participant.

Programs of Support were introduced by the NDIS in 2021 as part of an industry-wide change, meaning many providers are now adopting the Programs of Support model.

The purpose of a Program of Support is to help participants achieve specific goals like living independently, making friends, or building work skills.

You have a different Program of Support for each service you access (e.g. Hub, Community Access), which means you may have several Programs of Support.

Programs of Support at HELP

Our new Programs of Support will include the services you regularly access with HELP, except they will be scheduled into set blocks of time of up to 12 weeks.

What you need to know:

  • Programs of Support are delivered in terms made up of up of 12 week blocks.
  • Programs of Support help facilitate regular goal plan reviews and allow our dedicated support team to plan for each individual’s future support needs. This approach gives both HELP, and our participants and supported employees greater certainty that supports are:
  • being delivered based on each individual’s needs
  • being monitored and reviewed more frequently throughout the year
  • Your Program of Support is like a contract. Your Program of Support shows the length of the Program, exit rules, and intended outcomes.
  • You can change or exit a Program of Support at any point – subject to a 2 week notice period.

How it works

  • If you want to make changes to your program or take holidays, you will need to give us 2 weeks notice.
  • Once our HELP team has booked you in for the changes that you asked for, you may receive a new Schedule of Support. Your Schedule of Support will break down the pricing for your services and include your Programs of Support (the dates, times, and services you will be accessing during the next 12 weeks).
  • Programs of Support can’t be longer than 12 weeks, however, each of our services may have a different arrangement. Please contact your Hub or Community Coordinator, Service Manager, or Employee Support Officer to learn more about the changes to your services.

What is the difference between a Schedule of Support and Program of Support?

Your Schedule of Supports shows you the total cost of your HELP services and how this is funded from your NDIS plan.

Your Program of Support details the service, length of the program, and desired program outcomes (e.g. forming social relationships, developing communication skills, completing work experience) of each Program.

If you’d like more information about Programs of Support at HELP contact [email protected], or visit the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits (page 29).

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