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If you have an injury, illness, or disability you may be eligible for assistance from a Disability Employment Services (DES) provider. DES is an Australian Government initiative that works with organisations in the disability sector to help people find and keep a job.

What is a DES Provider?

DES providers deliver employment and support services on behalf of the Australian Government. Organisations like HELP can assist jobseekers who have an injury, illness, or disability with:

  • managing health issues that are making it hard for you to get a job or stay employed
  • identifying your strengths and what type of work might suit you
  • developing your skills for work (like resume writing, interview etiquette, and communication)
  • succeeding in your new job by providing you with ongoing support and resources.

DES providers also work with employers who need to hire new staff. HELP takes the time to understand your needs and the needs of your employer to make sure it’s the right fit for everyone. Our team can connect you with potential employers to speed up the recruitment process and help you build long-lasting and meaningful working relationships.

What will a DES provider do for me?

Disability Employment Services providers offer a wide range of services that will help you find and keep a job. As one of Queensland’s leading disability employment service providers, our mission is to help you find meaningful work. We will assist you with:  

  • identifying jobs or industries you might be interested in
  • writing your resume and cover letter
  • preparing for interviews
  • connecting you will employers who understand your needs
  • accessing training to help improve your skills and build confidence
  • organising workplace modifications and assisted technology
  • ongoing workplace support.

Do DES providers offer short-term or long-term support?

Disability employment services provide both short and long-term support for jobseekers.

  • Disability Management Service (DMS) – a free service for job seekers who need short-term or temporary support
  • Employment Support Service (ESS) – a free service for job seekers and employees who need long-term, regular support.

How can I get support from a DES provider?

If you’re a jobseeker who is already receiving income support payments, but you haven’t been referred to a DES provider, you can contact HELP or register online. Once you have completed this first step, one of our friendly team members will be in touch to help you get started on your employment journey.

If you aren’t already receiving income support payments, and you need assistance finding and maintaining work, you should contact Centrelink. They’ll do an assessment to work out if you’re eligible for Disability Employment Services. If you are eligible, you’ll be referred to a DES provider located as close as possible to your home.

Can I choose my own DES provider?

Yes, when you first enter the DES program, you can choose your own provider. You’ll have the flexibility to choose which services you receive and how you receive them.

You have two options:

  • You can contact a DES provider of your choice directly. They will then work with Centrelink to determine your eligibility to join their program.
  • You can be assessed by Centrelink first to determine your eligibility, and then ask them to refer you to your preferred provider.

At HELP, we understand that the employment journey can be rocky, especially if you have an injury, health condition, or disability.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can make your journey a little bit smoother, contact us today.

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