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There was a time when Sam would never have imagined that she’d be celebrating her next birthday with a surprise cake from her workmates.

When Sam first came to HELP she had been out of the workforce for some time. Despite her eagerness to work, and the support of her husband, Sam had been unsuccessful in getting and keeping a job. Though Sam often made it to the interview stage of the recruitment process, her short-term memory loss and difficulty processing information made it tough to progress further.

With these challenges in mind, Sam’s coach Janelle began to search for more structured roles where Sam could build her confidence and skill set. Janelle approached Beefy’s Pies HR Manager Lisa Rousell to see if there were any opportunities available in the packing or processing teams that may align with Sam’s strengths.

Upon speaking with Lisa Janelle identified a role that could be tailored to harness Sam’s talents. The team needed help with packaging, and with Sam’s help, they could increase the number of boxes made, and free up other employees for important tasks in the supply chain.

“HELP offered to assist us with placing candidates into roles and so it was very timely that we agreed we would be happy to look at some candidates. We interviewed three people but really liked Sam straight away,” said Lisa.

To ensure Sam’s job interview went smoothly Janelle accompanied her to Beefy’s HQ alongside her Support Worker. In the interview, Sam chatted with the team and even got the chance to try folding boxes. Though Sam encountered a couple of issues during her first practice run, her positive and endearing personality won over the Beefy’s team immediately.

“Sam was very bubbly, friendly, had a great smile and a great laugh,” said Lisa.

They agreed to hire Sam in their packing team, providing 8 hours of work each week folding boxes with her Support Worker by her side.

During this process Janelle also spoke to Lisa about the benefits of wage subsidies, and what funding was available to support Sam as she settled into her new role.

A fresh start and a new future

Over the past 3 months, Sam has not only developed new skills but has also grown in confidence. When asked about her progress since starting work at Beefy’s Sam said, “I am getting really fast at folding the boxes and love it.”

HR Manager Lisa echoed these sentiments.

“Sam is now much more confident now with what she is doing, and where everything is and she will now say hello and talk to everyone in the factory,” said Lisa.

“When Sam [first] started making the boxes, she struggled a bit with the top of the boxes which can be a bit tricky, but she is now competent with this and able to make the boxes by herself. She can also follow the instructions written on the whiteboard and she can find where the boxes are now.”

Janelle and Sam have formed such a great bond that HELP continues to provide post-placement support to assist Sam at work.

“My Coach Janelle has been awesome and I thank her every day for what she has done for me. I love her,” said Sam.

Janelle is also in regular contact with the Beefy’s team to facilitate day-to-day support when required.
“HELP have organised a Support Worker to be with Sam each shift. They have also helped Sam complete her onboarding paperwork and they act as a communication line with Sam when needed,” said Lisa.

“I would definitely recommend Help, they have been great throughout the process and we are really happy with Sam and the way everything has all worked out.”

The benefits of an integrated workforce

After only 3 months on the job, Sam had already become a much-beloved member of the team.

“The staff absolutely love her to pieces and recently presented her with a cake on her birthday. Sam comes into our office and tells us all the time that she is just so happy and so glad she is with us. She loves her job! Beefys love her,” said Lisa.

But it’s not just Sam who’s reaping the benefits of finding employment. The Beefy’s team is also experiencing the positive impact of an integrated workforce.

“Sam’s strengths are definitely her great positive attitude and lovely personality, but also her reliability. She hasn’t missed a day yet,” said Lisa.

“It feels great to know we are providing meaningful employment for Sam and to know that she is also loving the job and working with us. We hope to have a long-lasting relationship with Sam and foresee that hopefully one day she won’t need to have a Support Worker to be with her. I think there may also be scope for Sam to keep learning and growing and even perhaps diversify her duties a little as well down the track.”

What is Job Creation?

Job Creation is when a job is “created” to suit the needs of the employer and the employee, guided by our experience in disability inclusion and employment.

Job creation is a great alternative to outsourcing your workforce. With the support of HELP, you can keep your jobs in-house, and find an employee who delivers the right skills for the role.

We can help identify opportunities within your workplace and create roles suitable for people with a disability and their specific skill set.

You can free up your current employees to take on new responsibilities and streamline your processes while contributing to a great social outcome.

Contact our team today to find out how you can create a more diverse workforce and experience the benefits of diversity in action.

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