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HELP provides flexible community and in-home supports tailored to meet your NDIS goals.

With the help of your support worker, you can get out and explore your community and do things like go bowling and catch a movie with friends, grab your weekly groceries, or cook up a storm in the kitchen.

What types of activities can I do in the community with my support worker?

You can get involved in any activities that spark your interest as long as it aligns with your NDIS goals, and is within reason. For example, Community supports could help you attend a footy match, catch a movie at the cinemas, go grocery shopping, or attend appointments.

Can I do these activities in a group of one-one-one with a support worker?

We offer two different types of community support:

  • Individual customised support which is delivered 1:1
  • Group Community Supports which can be delivered 1:1 or 1:3.

What days and times can I access community supports?

Individual ProgramGroup Program
What days can I attend?Monday to SundayMonday to Friday
What times are available?Anytime between 6 am and 10 pm
(Mon-Fri: Min 3 hours)
(Sat, Sun, Public Holidays: Min 4 hours)
9 am to 2:30 pm daily
Support ratios options1:11:1 or 1:3
Where can I be supported?In the community or at homeIn the community
What activities can I do?You choose! Any activities that relate to your NDIS goals.Transport and travel training, social outings and experiences, or fitness activities like going to the gym.
Does it include public transport?YesTransport is available within your program, however, it does not include pick up/drop off to and from home.
Is this considered a Program of Support?Yes, we book your community supports in advance, which means you will have a calendar full of scheduled activities available ahead of time.Yes, we book your community supports in advance, which means you will have a calendar full of scheduled activities available ahead of time.

Does community support include transport?

Yes! Both our Individual and Group Community supports provide you with transport to and from activities within your program.

While traveling to and from activities we can also provide travel training which covers things like learning how to catch public transport or traveling with a support worker in a car or mini-bus.

The only transport we can’t provide you with is pick up and drop off to and from home for the Group Community program.

What program is right for me, Individual or Group?

Work on specific skills in your own time.Great way to make friends and explore your local community.
Can be supported in the community or at home.Have a set calendar of support each week that offers different social activities.
Transport options available.You will need to be picked up and dropped off from your chosen Hub.
(Hubs will be the meeting point each day before heading out in the community.)

How does my NDIS funding pay for community supports?

Community supports are paid through the CORE Funding in your NDIS plan under the (04) Social and Community Participation category.

Are there any out of pocket costs?

There are some out of pocket costs (not claimable through NDIS) for certain activities. These costs cover things like entry fees to fitness classes or event venues.

What training do your support workers receive?

All of our support workers have:

  • Undergone a National Police Check
  • Current Blue and Yellow Cards
  • Completed the NDIS Worker Screening Module
  • An excellent work ethic
  • Strong communication skills and a passion for enhancing the lifestyle, independence, and ambitions of people with disability.

Explore your local community, meet new people, and discover your passions! Learn more about Community & In-Home Supports with HELP.

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