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How Help’s commercial businesses create jobs for people with disabilities

Help’s broad range of commercial businesses provides many benefits for both Help customers and employees alike. This includes a variety of work and growth opportunities, creating jobs for people with disabilities like Kurt, Ben, and Brendan.

After joining Help’s supply chain team, they’ve each been supported to achieve new work goals, learn skills, build confidence and gain experience in other teams.

A new work site and role for Kurt

Kurt moved from Help’s Acacia Ridge site to Eagle Farm site and shortly after transitioned from Supply Chain Services to the Manufacturing team. He’s working on Help’s BinSafe product, undertaking various welding activities.

Trevyn Payne, Manufacturing Team Leader, says Kurt is a quick learner, having adapted to his new environment’s demands. “We’re impressed by how quick he can learn and take on a task by himself, demonstrating attention to detail and commitment to quality in every weld,” he said.

After just eight weeks in his new role, Kurt has not only learned various welding techniques but feels his confidence and self-esteem at work have soared – a step towards independent work.

Ben shines in manufacturing

Another door was opened for Ben who also joined the Manufacturing team from Supply Chain Services and works on Help’s MailSafe product. Ben’s work includes hanging doors, sanding mailboxes, bending hooks, drilling and countersinking door holes, assembling dividers, and finishing mailbox doors.

Trevyn says Ben has embraced his new role with dedication and enthusiasm, approaching each task with precision.

“Ben is determined and achieves every task he is given with greater assurance. He seeks feedback to ensure he is progressing, and we are not only happy to have him working with us but also eager to see him developing further,” said Trevyn. “We’re seeing him interact more confidently with his colleagues and take real pride in his contributions.”

Both Kurt and Ben’s move from supply chain into manufacturing roles highlights the transferable skills they’ve developed in a supported employment environment, a valuable asset for jobs for people with disabilities. Being surrounded by different types of commercial work allows employees to discover new interests and align them with their own personal and work goals.

Brendan’s move from supply chain to the office   

Over 13 years with Help, Brendan worked his way from Supply Chain to Third-party Logistics, and on to our Dispatch crew, learning a wealth of new skills along the way.

Looking to progress further and eager to take on an administrative role, Brendan has recently started working alongside the production support team leaders in the office.

“It has been a great change for me. I have been sorting and organising over 700 files in Excel and have received good feedback,” said Brendan.

Nathan Coote, Production Support Team Leader who has been coaching Brendan in the office, is pleased with his progress. “He has great attention to detail and is determined to get things done. Brendan has definitely been a great addition to our team,” said Nathan.

For Brendan, this opportunity will further enhance his computer skills, and he’s eager to take on more administrative responsibilities. “It has been a great journey for me at the sheds, and I am grateful for everything I learned and everyone I met and worked with, but I feel happy to be at the office,” said Brendan.

Diverse offerings benefits customers and employees 

Having a diverse range of commercial solutions doesn’t stop with Supported Employees pursuing new opportunities and exploring their interests. Help’s commercial customers benefit directly from our supported employees’ evolving skillsets, and indirectly from the flexible and motivated workforce Help can provide to them.

These solutions also help our commercial customers achieve their social impact objectives and fulfil functional business requirements, all while creating meaningful jobs for people with disabilities.

Help’s products and services can also help our commercial customers to achieve their social impact objectives and fulfil their functional business requirements – all while providing meaningful jobs for people with disability.

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