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Introduced by the NDIA, the Participant Check-In is set to replace your scheduled NDIS Plan Reassessment meeting.

What’s changed?

Participants will now receive a phone call from an NDIA representative to reassess their plan instead of having to attend an in-person meeting. Some Participants may have already experienced their first Participant Check-In during COVID-19, but for those that may be new to the NDIS, or are still yet to reassess their current plan, the Participant Check-In offers a flexible and easy way to discuss and update your support needs, budget, and NDIS goals.

When can I expect my first Participant Check-In phone call?

According to the NDIS, your first NDIS plan review usually falls 12 months after your plan started.

If you have not received a call within six weeks of this date you should contact the NDIS via phone on 1800 800 110 or find and call your nearest NDIS office.

How can I prepare for my Participant Check-In (plan reassessment)?

A good way to prepare for your first Participant Check-In is to answer the following questions:

  • How is your current plan going? What worked? What didn’t?
  • What progress have you made towards your goals?
  • Are your goals the same or have they changed? Is there a specific goal you want to focus on?
  • Do you feel your plan is meeting your support needs? Are there any areas where you need extra or less support?
  • Would you like to make any updates to your plan funding or how it is managed?
  • Have your circumstances changed since your last planning meeting (for example changes to your health, support needs, housing situation)

You can also watch this handy video created by the NDIS for more top tips on how to prepare for your plan review.

What’s next?

Depending on how you answer these questions the NDIA representative may recommend one of the following:

1. A new NDIS plan with similar supports

If you are happy with your plan you will receive a new two year plan that reflects the same supports you currently have.

2. A new NDIS plan with small changes

If you are happy with your NDIS plan, but would like to make some small changes, you may need to show evidence of why you want to make these changes (for example reports or assessments).

3. A full plan reassessment

If you require significant changes to your NDIS plan or supports you will need a full plan reassessment. To assist this process, you will need to provide more extensive documentation (reports, assessments, and quotes). It’s also important to remember that this may impact your NDIS budget or funding.

Extra tips for your Participant Check-In

  • If you need a support person to help you participate in your Participant Check-In (phone call) ask the NDIA representative to call back when they are with you.
  • Make sure all your communication requirements and assessments are recorded in your NDIS profile. You may need to gather new assessments or reports from your service providers to assist with your plan review. It’s a good idea to check with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or the NDIA representative to see what documentation they have on file to make sure that the information is still relevant, and up to date.

For more information visit the NDIS website, or get in touch with our team at [email protected] to learn how we can assist with your next NDIS Plan Reassessment.

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