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Check out our FAQs to learn about our activities, our team, and our Hub community.

What activities can I do at HELP Hubs?

Our Hubs provide a range of different activities to suit everyone, whether you’re a gardening fanatic, an aspiring cook, or a performer at heart. Hub activities are goal-oriented with a strong focus on skill development and progression to help participants build confidence and independence over time

Take a look at our diverse activity program to learn what you can do at HELP Hubs.

Hub Programs

Garden Gurus


Garden Gurus gives participants the chance to dive into the world of gardening to gain hands-on, practical experience. You can:

• learn how to plan, maintain and harvest your garden
• create a worm farm
• make a scarecrow
• grow crops

From planting a seed to enjoying the fruits of your hard work, Garden Gurus will bring out that green thumb in everyone!

Creative Crew

Get your creative juices flowing! With the help of your support worker, you can learn to sew, hone your photography skills or paint your very own masterpiece – all you need to bring is your imagination.

Our range of activities allows you to experiment with different mediums and work on individual and group projects. You’ll also get the opportunity to develop more unique skills like tie-dying, pottery, and sewing.

Literacy & Numeracy

Learn the key principles of literacy and numeracy including reading, writing, communication, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and division.

Batter & Bake

Batter and Bake is a fun and easy way to learn basic cooking skills. Master your own signature dish, prepare a variety of sweet and savoury foods, or pick from our HELP gardens to create a delicious and nutritious meal.

You’ll also develop skills like chopping, using utensils and kitchen appliances, and measuring and following recipes – as well as cleaning up and being safe! Whether you’re baking for one or cooking up a feast for friends Batter and Bake will help you channel your inner Masterchef.

*We also offer Basic Cooking for those who want to learn the basics of cooking including using utensils and kitchen appliances, measuring, and making easy meals.

Cafe Club

Want to know what it’s like to work in hospitality? At Cafe Club you can learn the art of coffee making, front and back of house functions, and customer service.

Cafe Club allows you to practice your new skills in a real world setting that caters to staff, other participants, and visitors on site. (Available at Wynnum, Sunnybank Hills, and Mitchelton Hubs ONLY.)

Recreational Fitness

Have a go at tennis, jump into group sports like basketball, or get your game on in the inter-HUB Sports Carnivals! Our Recreational Fitness program is perfect for participants who love to stay active.

Get involved in team sports like basketball, tennis, and soccer, or give something new a try like Hot Hula, RnB Dance, Zumba, or Sailability.

*Some activities like Sailability and Hot Hula are currently limited to specific Hubs. See Hub Activity Calendars for more information.

Independent Life Skills

Become more independent and prepare for things like moving out of home, getting your first job, and learning how to handle and manage your money.

You’ll make new connections at Hub and out in the community, and gain important life skills that will set you up for the next stage of your HELP journey.

Fun Day

Connect and socialise with your fellow Hub mates and the HELP team through a range of fun activities like themed discos, karaoke, movies, BBQ lunches, and concerts.

Computer Skills

Navigate the internet, manage emails, and learn how to use search engines and programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Social Outings

Connect with your community through social outings such as going to the movies, having a BBQ in the park, or visiting a local museum.

Work Experience

Participate in a variety of work experience opportunities to build your skills, gain confidence, and get ready for working life.

Will activities change from week to week?

No two weeks are the same at our HELP Hubs. For example, if you choose to do the Garden Gurus activity, you may spend your first two weeks planning and researching your garden, then move on to planting seeds and cultivating your crop as the weeks progress and the seasons change. Each week you will be learning new skills to help you achieve your goals.

Can I do these activities in a group or one-on-one with a support worker?

Our Hubs offer both 1:1 and 1:3 support options.

All of our activities are delivered in small groups. You can choose to be supported on a one-on-one basis with a support worker, or as part of a group with two other participants and a support worker, depending on your needs.

What days can I do to Hub? Is there a minimum number of days I have to attend?

All of our Hubs are open Monday to Friday and there is no minimum number of days you have to attend. You can attend as many days as you like (depending on Hub availability).

Can I choose what times I want to go to Hub?

Our Hubs offer morning sessions, afternoon sessions, or all-day sessions. You can choose which session or sessions you prefer to attend.

What if I want to participate in community activities as well?

You can participate in both Hub and Community activities. We offer customised individual community and in-home supports and group community supports.

Individual ProgramGroup Program
What days can I attend?Monday to SundayMonday to Friday
What times are available?Any time between 6 am to 10 pm9 am to 2:30pm daily
Support ratio options1:11:1 or 1:3
Where can I be supported?In the community or at homeIn the community
What activities can I do?You choose! Any activities that relate to your NDIS goals.Transport and travel training, social outings and experiences, or fitness activities like going to the gym.
Does it include transport?YesTransport is available within your program, however, does not include pick up/drop off to and from home.
Is this considered a Program of Support?Yes, we book your Hub supports in advance.Yes, we book your Hub supports in advance.

Can I get transport to and from the Hub?

We don’t offer pick-up or drop-off transport. There are community flyers and other services which you can use to get to and from our Hub.

How does my NDIS funding pay for Hub supports?

Hub supports are paid through the CORE Funding in your NDIS plan under the (04) Social and Community Participation category. You can also access Hub support through certain Capacity Building funding. Get in touch with the Intake team to discuss your funding requirements.

Are there any out of pocket costs?

There are some out of pocket costs (not claimable through NDIS) for certain activities. These costs cover things like ingredients for Batter and Bake, or movie tickets on Fun Day.

Can I attend Hub with my own support worker who isn’t from HELP?

No, we don’t allow external support workers to support participants onsite. We have trained support workers at each of our HELP Hubs who will support you throughout the day.

What training do your support workers receive?

All of our support workers have:

  • Undergone a National Police Check
  • Current Blue and Yellow Cards
  • Completed the NDIS Worker Screening Module
  • An excellent work ethic
  • Strong communication skills
  • A passion for enhancing the lifestyle, independence, and ambitions of people with disability

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