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New Partnership Creates Jobs For People With Disability Through Textile Recovery

Help Enterprises and BlockTexx have joined forces to create new jobs for people with disability and divert textile waste from landfill. Following a successful trial period, HELP is now working with BlockTexx to take unwanted textiles from Australian organisations and convert them to new resources for the building, infrastructure, manufacturing, and agriculture sectors.

This innovative initiative demonstrates the power of social enterprises in driving positive change on multiple fronts.

Diverting textile waste

A team of HELP’s supported employees has already decommissioned over 10 tonnes of used clothing and textiles in a process that involves removing buttons, zips, and uniform tags from garments before they are sent to BlockTexx’s facility in Loganholme for further processing. By intercepting and repurposing textile waste, the partnership aims to contribute to a more sustainable circular economy.

Creating employment opportunities

In line with HELP’s commitment to supporting and empowering people with disability, this partnership is creating more meaningful jobs for Queenslanders living with disability. The partnership adds a new dimension to HELP’s diverse range of job offerings for people with disability. Our supported employees can gain valuable experience in a supportive environment whilst also learning new skills in the textile recovery and resource creation sector. It is expected that 20 new roles will be created as part of this project, enriching HELP’s existing social enterprise employment opportunities.

“HELP is committed to providing a diverse range of work so our supported employees and support workers can find a job that’s the right fit for them,” says Denver Fresser, CEO of HELP Enterprises.

“Our supported employees already have the opportunity to serve coffee at our cafés, make bins for Brisbane City Council and mailboxes for the likes of Hutchinson Builders, as well as nurture their green thumbs at our nursery.

“And now, BlockTexx brings a new skillset for our workers to learn and gain experience in a supported environment.”

A social contract for a sustainable future

The collaboration between HELP Enterprises and BlockTexx represents a vital social contract that benefits both the environment and society. Through their combined efforts, textile waste is diverted from landfills, reducing the ecological impact and conserving resources. Simultaneously, this initiative supports the social mission of creating inclusive employment opportunities for people with disability.

Blocktexx’s innovative solution

BlockTexx’s groundbreaking S.O.F.T. TM (Separation of Fiber Technology) process enables the repurposing of cellulose from recycled polyester-cotton textiles, thereby creating new resources. By utilising this innovative technique, BlockTexx can reclaim up to 98 percent of resources from cotton and polyester garments, which are among the most commonly used textile fabrics.

The partnership between HELP and BlockTexx is a great example of how organisations can come together to address pressing environmental and social challenges. By diverting textile waste from landfills and creating jobs for individuals with disabilities, we are demonstrating the power of collaboration, innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

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