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Kenneth has come a long way since he landed a job at Containers for Change.

“When I first started working at Containers for Change I felt nervous about fitting in and my ability to do the job, but the team have welcomed me and made me feel part of the family. The assistance HELP has continued to provide has also kept me in this job. They [Containers for Change and HELP] have both been genuine and understanding. They have provided me with good advice and been great mentors.”

Breaking down barriers

Like many people with disability, Kenneth faced his share of challenges on the path to employment. Connecting with HELP changed the course of his future and equipped him with the tools to not only find a job but keep it too.

Kenneth worked with his HELP Coach, Margaret, to find suitable vacancies in his local community and prepare for work. Together they tackled resume building, developed interview skills, and implemented strategies to support Kenneth’s mental health.

Once Kenneth received his official job offer In Work Support Mentor, Ingrid, stepped in to guide him through the next stage of his employment journey, including obtaining a new ID, mobile phone, and work uniform.

“Since starting his new job Kenneth’s confidence has grown. He has a positive outlook on life, he’s brighter, happier, and more focused”, said Ingrid.

Ingrid continues to provide on-the-job support as Kenneth settles into his new job and navigates work tasks like sorting recycling items, using special heavy machinery, interacting with customers, and supervised practice on the forklift in preparation for getting his liscense.

“Ingrid visits me at work regularly to check on my progress so that I can get the support I need without having to take time off work to attend appointments. She also speaks to my boss to check up on me to make sure I am ok and see if there is anything she can do to help my boss too,” said Kenneth.

Supporting employers for better outcomes

Kenneth’s manager Russell has been impressed by the progress he has made on the job and the value he has bought to the workplace.

“Ken has been working with us since early March and has become a valuable member of the team. Ken is now a competent counter within our business, learned about the Containers for Change Program, and has gained experience at 2 of our Containers for Change Depots – Coorparoo and Albion,” he said.

Russell has partnered with HELP previously and knows the benefits of having a third party to support his staff with disability.

“I would recommend HELP services. HELP has assisted our business across several locations to identify suitable candidates, manage the interview process, selection and provide on/off-site support to candidates”.

“HELP has supported Kenneth on-site during his interview and the trial process. They also assisted Kenneth with the induction and start-up process, including providing the uniforms and PPE required for the position. HELP regularly contacts Kenneth and our business to check on progress and if any further support is required,” he said.

Goals for the future and finding a purpose

Russell and Ingrid are hopeful that Kenneth will continue growing in confidence and skills so he can achieve his goals for the future.

“Kenneth is a very enthusiastic and positive team member, who was eager for an opportunity. We hope that Kenneth continues his good work as part of our business, we hope that he will be successful in gaining some more skills and recognition as a forklift operator to complement his existing skills, “said Russell.

“Ken has come a long way and is proving himself to be a reliable hard worker who uses his initiative and has a strong work ethic. I’m very proud of his progress, “said Ingrid.

In the next 6 months Kenneth aims to continue in stable employment, progress to full-time work, and keep impressing his boss!

With the ongoing support from HELP and his new job at Containers for Change Ken has more zest for life and his mental health is benefitting too.

“Having a job gives me a reason to get up in the morning and interact with other people. Coming to work makes me feel like I’m doing something good. I’m not as depressed when I’m working.”

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